Thursday, July 26, 2012

FGDC Endorses Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard

Meta data- data about data- is an important part of keeping monitoring datasets relevant into the future. Hard work by the CMECS program (Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard) to refine coastal habitat classification used in produced metadata is now legitimate after its approval the by Federal body that governs such classifications:

The following was posted on the LinkedIn Marine Spatial Planning group by Kathy Goodin of Nature Serve:

"We are pleased to announce that the  (CMECS) has been approved by the FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee, see: as the Federal framework and hierarchy for consistent classification and description of coastal and marine ecological features in North America. 

CMECS (see pdf at: provides an extensive set of terms and definitions to describe ecological features for the geological, physical, biological, and chemical components of the environment that, together, constitute habitats and biotopes. CMECS units are accessible through the pdf document, and also through a web-based catalog ("